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Top 5 cryptocurrency payment systems for websites to use to accept cryptocurrency payments

by Stephen Schroeder - Mar, 29 2018 Category: Business

Are you still wondering what cryptocurrency is? Your answer is right here. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency without a server or central authority of any sort. It is otherwise known as a digital currency which cannot be politically influenced and unlike the usual currency has its value protected with a potential to increase in the long run.

It is essential to know you can swiftly and easily make payment for goods and services using the cryptocurrencies with an amazing privacy policy where your identity is not revealed. You can easily do business in the black market and as well carry out other prohibited economy activities with the cryptocurrencies.

The pioneer and most widely recognized cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, and Ripple among others.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Payment Systems

The top 5 and popular cryptocurrency payment systems commonly used to accept cryptocurrency payment on websites include Coinbase, Blockchain, CoinGate, CoinsBank, and SpectroCoin.


One of the biggest Bitcoin (the leading cryptocurrency) and other cryptocurrencies payment systems in the world for websites to accept cryptocurrency payments is the Coinbase. You can accept payments in cryptocurrency using the coinbase merchant app for businesses. To avoid price volatility problem, you can immediately convert your cryptocurrency into fiat.

Depending on your business type there are different ways to accept payments using coinbase;

For website and blog, you need to be able to edit website HTML. Hence you can incorporate a payment button, iframe or page to your website. If you are running an e-Commerce Store, you must be able to install plugins that said, all you need to do is to install a shopping cart plugin for WordPress, Magento and so on as the case may be.

For email invoice, you need to send email invoices to your customers for the payment request. Before choosing coinbase as your cryptocurrency payment system, however, you need to check if your country is on the list of countries where coinbase is available as it is only available in limited countries.


Blockchain has been around for long and is one of the oldest bitcoin wallets in the world of cryptocurrency that provide payment APIs for both personal and business use. You can make use of blockchain.info as a payment system for your website.

Blockchain claim to be one of the best and most reliable cryptocurrency solutions for merchants, you need to know they don’t have ready-to-use plugins at the moment which make their process not so easy.

However, if you are proficient in programing language then don’t hesitate to add their payment processor to your website. The blockchain payment processor makes their free bitcoin wallet accessible to you, and you can use it to accept payment on your website.


CoinGate is an excellent cryptocurrency payment system that allows you to accept cryptocurrency for goods and services in your business. The system offers a different type of solutions for numerous business types according to their needs.

You can integrate the e-commerce plugin in your website to receive payment for your business; you can as well add a point of sale apps (POS) built with various payment buttons for different platforms on your website.

Check for an example of how an e-commerce platform for cryptocurrency payment integration with CoinGate looks like in real time.


Another widely used top cryptocurrency payment system for websites is the CoinsBank. You can use the CoinsBank as cryptocurrency wallet for exchange as well as to receive payments for goods and services.

Regardless of how you run your business, offline or online, CoinsBank allows you to receive payments on your websites using the instant merchant invoice management applications.

To use the CoinsBank cryptocurrency payment system for your website requires you add the CoinsBank merchant application to your website. The CoinsBank merchant profile is fast and easy to setup and allows you to without any hitch accept cryptocurrencies for goods and services rendered to your customers all over the world.

With the payment system, you can conveniently withdraw in different fiat according to the fee schedule provided by CoinBanks.


For merchant specifically those outside Europe, another payment gateway they can use to accept payments on their websites is SpectroCoin. SpectroCoin has a wide range of options for different businesses with a good customer base.

There are different ready-to-use gateways on their platform to make cryptocurrency payment easy for customers and businesses all over the world.

There are the e-commerce plugins you can add to your website to receive cryptocurrency payment for Magento, Drupal commerce and so on. You can also integrate their cryptocurrency processing APIs on your website to accept payment.

The SpectroCoin platform also offers some other payment tools such as the payment buttons you can add to your website for easy cryptocurrency payment for your business.

It is important to know not in all countries is withdrawal supported by SpectroCoin, find here if your country is supported as well as the fee schedule.


There you have it; the top 5 commonly used cryptocurrency payment systems for websites to accept cryptocurrency payment. Before choosing a payment system for your website ensure you check if the system is available in your country.